AI, AGI, Evolution and Innovation

Assuming we are in a truly evolutionary pre-phase then it seems to me:

Evolutionary leaps cannot be monetized.

But can at best be survived if you bring something with you that was unconsciously developed beforehand and not for the purpose of subsequently guaranteeing survival. Has been called exaptation in the theory of evolution for almost 40 years. See under Feathers, Dinos, Birds. Or ask a search engine you trust or ask straight away ChatGPT.

So: The paradox of exaptation is that you have to look for something that all learned filters can’t catch. Otherwise it would not be an exaptation. The company that turns everything inside out always appears out of the depth of space.

Hypothesis 2: Business model thinking in an evolutionary situation is Lamarckism. Giraffes trying to get a long neck through thinking. Tschackaism on steroids in the age of AI and pre-AGI. Have fun!

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