BMW excluded from Google Index

Translation for english readers (nothing really shaking, except my english):

As of this morning (Sat 4th, ca. 11:00) BMW isn´t any more included in Google´s index. Since months it is a known fact that the pages are studded with doorway-pages but nothing happened on Googles behalf. A few days ago I had the sudden idea to ask Philipp Lenssen if he knows this old hat, and to my astonishment he didn´t and therefore made an entry on Google Blogoscoped. The rest is history and BMW´s inclusion in Google´s index too. Matt Cutts got in touch with Philipp and made some hints in the direction that something would happen with the known result. Finally a big company had the pleasure to receive consequences which lesser sinners against the Google guidelines hits quick and merciless.

My take on the underlaying problem or culture clash:

On the one side are standing people or interest groups who think relevance must, can and has to be technically enforced – on the other side are people or interest groups who think relevance can grow organic and can be algorithmically defined. Promotion, advertising, SEO and PR are on the side of enforced relevance – the spirit and idealism of early Google on the other side. Now look on the spirit and values in which BMW and other SEO projects are circumventing the trial to detect the core of organic relevance. What do you see?