Erstaunlich das es immer noch Lebensentwürfe gibt, die ihre Identität aus „besser informiert“ sein ziehen.

Places to Intervene in a System

(in increasing order of eff ectiveness)

12. Numbers: Constants and parameters such as subsidies, taxes, and standards

11. Buffers: The sizes of stabilizing stocks relative to their flows

10. Stock-and-Flow Structures: Physical systems and their nodes of intersection

9. Delays: The lengths of time relative to the rates of system changes

8. Balancing Feedback Loops: The strength of the feedbacks relative to the impacts they are trying to correct

7. Reinforcing Feedback Loops: The strength of the gain of driving loops

6. Information Flows: The structure of who does and does not have access to information

5. Rules: Incentives, punishments, constraints

4. Self-Organization: The power to add, change, or evolve system structure

3. Goals: The purpose of the system

2. Paradigms: The mind-set out of which the system—its goals, structure, rules, delays, parameters—arises

1. Transcending Paradigms

Donella H. Meadows, Thinking in Systems, 1993

The Sociology of Civilizational Collapse


– We tend towards a generic assumption of the durability of social
– We tend even more strongly towards a generic assumption of the
durability of social formations (i.e. assemblages of social structures)
– We tend to miss the origins of social formations in the intended and
unintended consequences of deliberate action, as well as the interactions
between them.
– We tend to reason inductively and, in doing so, miss the possibility
that the future will be radically distinct from the past.
– Even if we deny it intellectually, we tend towards exceptionalism in
how we see social formations which are deeply familiar to us.

Piketty gegen die “denkfaule Rhetorik des Antikapitalismus”

„Das hat aber nichts mit plattem Antikapitalismus zu tun, denn er sei “fürs
Leben geimpft gegen die denkfaule Rhetorik des Anti-Kapitalismus”. Er
glaubt nicht an den Kommunismus à la Sowjetunion oder DDR, sondern an
Eigentum und Marktmechanismen. Der “Religionskrieg” zwischen links und
rechts sei längst überholt. Seine Empfehlung gegen die Dynamik der
Ungleichheit ist die Vermögenssteuer, die das Gesicht des Kapitalismus
entscheidend ändere.“

Only 47 high-quality studies on meditation.

Only 47 high-quality studies on meditation.

“only 47 out of over 18,000 studies had them, which is pretty telling: it suggests that there are fewer than 50 high-quality studies on meditation”

How convincing is the science driving the popularity of mindfulness meditation? A Brown University researcher has some surprising answers.